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Installation / "Plan B" Part_1

„Plan B" deals with the idea of diving into a digital parallel world that ensures our survival.

The digital world has become our daily companion and interpersonal contact has limited to the digital space.

Personality and Individuality in a socialized parallel world will stay important. Therefore in particular fashion will play a big role.

The project is supported by an artists’ grant of the Ministry of Culture and Science North Rhine Westphalia and

featured in À Part Magazine

Creative Direction & Set design - Mara Rudnick & Yannic J. Hohaus @yannicjoeel

Styling - Yannic J. Hohaus @yannicjoeel

Photography - Grzegorz Bieniek @grzegorz_bieniek & Jacek M. Wesolowski @jacek_m._wesolowski

behind the scenes 

Bodysuit - Florentina Leitner @florentinaleitner_

Sunglasses - Dior

Shoes - Balenciaga

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