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Installation / 3D-Scan

Installation I did in collaboration with Yannic Joel Hohaus
2020, various objects, 192cm x 275cm x 236cm 

+ 3D-Animation

The digital deficit in Germany is becoming particularly clear now. Workflows are carried out more complicated than necessary.
"If you remove the fax from the equation, everything collapses."
Digitization could help to simplify processes and optimize the entire workflow.

The installation illustrates the attitude towards technical progress:
The "Commodore" ensures thoroughness instead of speed. Cables ensure a reliable connection and with the service of Carrier pigeons data protection for documents is guaranteed.

"We strive to respond to your enquiries as soon as possible."
("Wir bemühen uns Ihr Anliegen schnellstmöglich zu bearbeiten.")


Art direction - Yannic Joel Hohaus @yannicjoeel 

& Mara Rudnick

Photos - Grzegorz Bieniek @grzegorz_bieniek 

3D-Scan/Modeling - Mara Rudnick

behind the scenes

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