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3D Scanning and Animation
as part of an exhibition

As part of the exhibition "Puppentheaterburghöhlenzimmer" at @the_pool_duesseldorfaccompanied 
the installation by Set Designer and Stylist Yannic Joel Hohaus with 3D-Visualizations of the A/W 2023/24 collection by MARKE. The installation explores the profound influence of childhood experiences on one’s artistic expression.

I captured the collection trough 3D scanning, processed it digitally, and transformed into short sequences that appear as fragmentary and diffuse flashbacks to the past, seamlessly blending with the installation's theme of reflection.
Shown@The Pool - Art & Exhibition Space, Düsseldorf
(02.-11.June 2023)
as well as shown at Art Space during Berlin Fashion Week (12.July 2023)
FAULT Magazine

Featured in KUBAPARIS
Installation - Yannic J. Hohaus @yannicjoeel
3D Scan/Animation - Mara Rudnick
Clothing MARKE @marke.brand
Sound - Robert Eisinger @sachverhalt__
Model - @vinni_milano/
Photos - Grzegorz Bieniek @grzegorz_bieniek 
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