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Digitally Outworn (Ongoing Project)
3D Scan & Modeling

The phenomenon of wanting to be individual, especially when it comes to fashion, has long been a social trend.

Brands try to fulfill the need for individuality in different ways. For example, clothes that have tears, holes and/or deformations create an exclusive look.

The best example of this is the Paris sneaker in the Full Destroyed Edition by Balenciaga, which was sold at a luxury price last year and became a big topic in the media. The desire for fancy and unique garments has become a desire in both-the real world and the digital world. For my "Digitally Outworn" project, I 3D scanned three analogue objects. The results are faulty objects (clothing & accessories) that stand for a digital aging process and gain exclusivity through their imperfection/faults.

3D-Scan & Modeling - Mara Rudnick

shoe_bearbeitet_square_heller_nur schuh.png

Sneaker /  Zara


Hourglass bag / Balenciaga


Puddle shoe / Bottega Veneta

5_bearbeitet_schuh heller_10.png

Leather Corset / Bottega Veneta

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