Digitally Outworn (Ongoing Project)
3D Scan & Modeling

The phenomena of wanting to be individual, especially in fashion, is a societal trend. Brands finding their ways to fulfill the need in different ways, e.g. shredded clothing that have cracks, holes and being deformed are creating an individual look and even getting a status of being more extravagance and exclusive. The needs of offbeat and unique garments is a desire in the real world as well as in the digital world.

Comparing to reality, the digital world has no evanescence in itself. Even though it is fast moving and trend based, data is saved and

imperishable. But still there is the desire for realism in the digital world for making it more accessible.

Using things changes the physical appearance of an object in the real world. In the digital world, aging of things like clothes or accessories doesn't exist.

There is only the option to create it. 

3D-Scan & Modeling - Mara Rudnick

shoe_bearbeitet_square_heller_nur schuh.png

Sneaker /  Zara


Hourglass bag / Balenciaga


Puddle shoe / Bottega Veneta

5_bearbeitet_schuh heller_10.png