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3D-Scan for Coeval-Magazine
"Beauty and the Waste"

The editorial "Beauty and the Waste" was styled with garments from five different sustainable labels that included Borballa, Therapy Berlin, Arek and Blobb. The concept behind the project comes from the fact that "our consumption craze leads to waste and pollution. This is an obvious fact thus sustainability and environmental conscience is an inevitable phase in fashion design and consumption”. The way in which the editorial was created feels very experimental which suits the aesthetic, styling and concept of the project. Creative director and stylist Yannic J. Hohaus worked with photographer and videographer Taner Tumkaya alongside a team to produce the final shoot and finalised editorial.


creative direction & styling - Yannic Joel Hohaus @yannicjoeel 

photography & video - Taner Tumkaya @tarfilms
3D-Scanning & 3D-Post production - Mara Rudnick

hair & make-up - Anri Mori @anri_omori
model - Lena Bösch @lllboes
styling assistants - Lea Wilbrand @leawilbrand & Isabelle Wedel @isawelle

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IMG_2839 2.JPG
IMG_2840 2.JPG
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